Yes, in order for us to process returned devices, it is important that you reset all cell phones, smartwatches, and laptops to factory settings before sending them back. Please also remove your linked Apple ID, Google Account, PIN code and any parental controls. Your user account should also be deleted from game consoles. Make sure to perform a back up of your personal data before resetting the device. 

If we can not access your device after it is returned due to it being connected to a user account, we will have to charge additional payments to unlock and reset the device. 

Instructions to reset your Apple or Android device and disconnect it from the user account can be found from the manufacturer sites here:

iPhone & iPads


Apple Watch

Android smartphones and tablets

To help even more with this process, we have created a blog article guiding you through the steps to back up and reset your iPhone or iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook, Samsung Galaxy Phones, Samsung Gear Watches, and Microsoft Surface Books.

If video is more your style, our friendly Customer Support Hero Lisa can walk you through the backup and reset process for iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks here (German, with English subtitles):

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