Yes, if your drone is damaged, we cover 50% of the repair costs. If repair is no longer possible, you pay only 50% of the Recommended Retail Price determined at the beginning of the rental.

All Grover drones have liability insurance for damages of up to €3 million. Your deductible is €1,500, but customers from Germany can reduce this to €0 by completing the “Drone liability full protection.” You can purchase this from our insurance partner HDI:

Grover – Drone liability full protection (available only for customers from Germany)

30 days: €24.95

60 days: €34.95

90 days: €39.95

Your drone is insured with us worldwide, excluding the U.S. and Canada. However, please check the regulations before using your drone outside of Germany, as some countries do not allow or restrict the use of drones. 

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