Select the product you want online and place your order at You can also rent a large selection of tech products with Grover at many online stores and in retail locations with our partners such as MediaMarkt and Saturn.

How to rent online:

  1. Choose your product and your minimum rental period of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. You can always switch to a longer duration to save on your monthly payment.
  2. Add the product to your Grover bag, create a customer account, and pay for the first rental month.
  3. Your device will be delivered to your home and billed monthly from the delivery date.
  4. At the end of your minimum rental period, you can continue renting your device on a monthly basis or end your rental by returning it for free. You also have the option to purchase at any time.

If you want to rent in store at one of our partner locations, you can take your product home immediately without waiting for order processing or shipping. Find a partner store near you here.

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