If your product is damaged during the rental period, Grover Care covers 90% of the repair costs, with 50% coverage for drones. You will not be charged for any device errors or defects from the manufacturer, but these must be reported and documented immediately. Please follow these steps in case of damage during your rental period:

  1. Report the damage within 14 days. Simply click on the “Report damage” button in your customer account and fill in the appropriate form.

  2. Please be aware, that normal signs of use don't have to be reported. We collected a few examples for you, in order to help you identify when you have to report damage.

  3. After your damage claim has been processed, you will receive a return label by email. Depending on the damage, it will be sent back to us or to a repair partner.

  4. When the device has reached its repair destination, our customer support will inform you that your account will be charged 10% of the repair cost and you will receive a receipt for these additional charges. 

If the damage to your device is beyond repair, Grover Care will only require you to pay 10% (or 50% for drones) of the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) determined at the beginning of your rental. Normal signs of use will be removed for free. Please note that lost, stolen, or intentionally damaged products will not be covered by Grover Care. Please contact customer support immediately in case of theft or loss of your device.

Learn more about Grover Care here.

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