If you want to buy the product you are renting, 100% of your rental payments will go towards the purchase price. There are two ways to buy:

The first option is to rent your device until you can purchase it for one symbolic dollar or euro. The exact number of months depends on the product and your chosen minimum rental period, and will be displayed at checkout as well as in your customer account during the rental period.

The second option is to purchase your device earlier by paying for all the remaining rental months at once. In the “Your Tech” view, you can click the “Keep it forever” button and follow the steps to purchase the product immediately. We will deduct the sum of the remaining months to own, and the product will be yours to keep.

If you're in the US, you'll be able to buy your tech from October 31, 2021. Payments made before that date already count toward the full value.

Tip: To see how many months you would need to rent until it is paid off, you can put your desired product with your rental plan of choice in the rent bag, click "Subscribe", click "Continue", and hover over "Purchase option".

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