Part of the verification process for a business Grover account is an online ID check via our partner Onfido. Onfido is a GDPR compliant document verification provider used by banks and other highly regulated companies to confirm user identities. For more information on Onfido and how it works, please read their privacy policy.

How to verify your ID using Onfido ID check:

  1. Choose whether you want to register with Grover Business as an employee or as a legal representative. If you select “employee,” you will be prompted to enter the email of a legal representative and so they can continue to the next step.

  2. Select the document you want to identify with. 

  3. Take and upload photos of the document. 

  4. Take a biometric photo of your face with Onfido. Note: this cannot be uploaded. It must be taken live. 

  5. If you are a legal representative authorizing an employee, at this point you will be asked to check a box that allows them to rent on behalf of your organization. 

  6. Once ID check is complete, your account will be active but pending approval. We will verify your data and notify you as soon as your account has been approved for rent. In the meantime, you can still place orders but they won’t be processes until your account is approved.

Grover Business registration can be found here.

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