Please note: the following regulations apply only to use in Germany. Please inform yourself about the regulations for other countries before use abroad. 

  1. Outside of model airfields, please always ensure that the sticker with the Grover name and our address is attached to the drone. 
  2. The maximum flight height is 100 m. The state aviation authorities can issue a special permit in special cases if you need to fly higher. 
  3. Always keep drones within eyesight when in use. 
  4. Drones must always avoid manned aircraft. 
  5. Operation over areas at risk such as locations of police and rescue workers, crowds of people, main traffic routes, arrival and departure areas of airfields, nature reserves, industrial plants, constitutional organs, federal and state authorities if the weight of the drone is over 0.25 kg is prohibited.
  6. Note: operation is prohibited over residential properties regardless of weight if the drone is able to receive, transmit or record optical, acoustic or radio signals. 

Please note that your insurance coverage will be void if you do not follow these rules. 

Addresses of the aviation authorities and all detailed information can be found in the following PDFs. 

Please note that you have to register for DJI drones with the DJI app in order to use their full capabilities (due to adjustments to the drone ordinance that have been valid since October 2017).

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