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Grover rentable drones you need a drone driving license according to the new EU drone law (valid from January 1, 2021). In general, the following applies:

Whether a drone license is necessary depends in particular on whether

a drone is already classified according to the new EU drone law and how much

she weighs.

For drones that have not yet been classified under the new law and if the vehicle weighs up to 500 g, you don't need a “drone driver's license” until the end of 2022.

For drones over 500 g, you usually need a national certificate of knowledge, an EU certificate of competence or an EU remote pilot's certificate.

With drones classified under the new law, you don't need any "Drone license" up to 250 g. For heavier drones you need a national one

Proof of knowledge or an EU competence certificate.

The German FAA has provided an overview on its website,

You can find which requirements for which drone types here.

Grover rents drones of various weight classes. If you don't

have a drone license and don't want to acquire one, you should rent a drone

that is either not yet classified under the new law and under

Weighs 500 g or is classified under the new law and weighs less than 250 g.

An EU competence certificate, which e.g. allows you to fly drones over 500 g, you can easily buy online. The German FAA offers about three hours of online training and an online test.

More information can be found here.

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