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Grover Card
What's the Grover Card?
What's the Grover Card?

Grover Card

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The Grover Card is a Visa debit card that is free for everyone in Germany, with or without an active Grover subscription.

The Grover Card offers you one of the highest amounts of cashback with 3% cashback in Grover Cash for all payments over €1. Use the card anywhere Visa is accepted, whether you’re in Germany or traveling abroad. If you’re spending online, the card is safeguarded by Visa Secure. Your money is protected up to €100,000 and your personal info is encrypted.

Turn your day-to-day spending into Grover Cash and lower or completely cover the cost of your tech rentals.

Solaris is our banking partner for the Grover Card.

We're currently not signing up new cardholders. If you want to know when it's possible to sign up again, head to the Grover app and tap "Notify me" in the Card tab. We'll email you once we're back.

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