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Does the Grover Card have fees?
Does the Grover Card have fees?

Grover Card

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It costs nothing to get the Grover Card. Opening an account is free for everyone, with or without an active Grover subscription.

Below is a summary of the fees charged by Grover and Solaris.

Fees collected by Grover

Card Ordering

  • Issuance and delivery of the first Grover Card: Free

Card Payments

  • Grover Card payments in Euro: Free

Instant & Regular Transfers

  • Adding funds via instant transfer: Free. Your bank may charge a service fee

  • Adding or withdrawing funds via regular transfer: Free

For more details, check the Grover Card Pricing & Fees

Fees collected by Solaris


  • Add funds via bank card, Google Pay (now Google Wallet), or Apple Pay: 1.9% per transaction

ATM Withdrawals

  • ATM withdrawals within the EEA: €1.00 + 1% per withdrawal

  • ATM withdrawals outside the EEA: €2.00 + 2% per withdrawal

Card Payments

  • Grover Card payments in currencies other than Euro: 1.5% markup fee. The markup fee means you’ll be charged 1.5% on top of the payment amount in Euro. Interbank and Visa exchange rates apply to payments made in foreign currencies.

Card Replacements

  • Replacing your Grover Card for reasons such as lost, stolen, damaged, or fraudulent cards: €10 per card

For a complete list of fees, check the Solaris Grover Card Fee Information

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