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How can I import employee data?
How can I import employee data?
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There are 2 ways you can bring employee data into your dashboard:

1. Add manually: You can add employee details manually and create employee profiles one by one.

2. Import from file: You can upload a CSV file with the details of up to 500 employees. Profiles will be imported in bulk.

Go to Employees > Add employees

1. Prepare the data

To upload the employee details in bulk you have to create a CSV file and organize the data in a certain way. The easiest method is to download our CSV template, open it in a program like Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, or Google Sheets and fill in your data.

The asterisk * means that the data is mandatory

  • First name*: The first and middle names of the employee.

  • Last name*

  • Employee ID: If there aren’t any Employee IDs in your company, you can also use this field for grouping and sorting within the dashboard. For example, you can add the name of the team or department.

  • Email*: We use the email address as a unique identifier. Please make sure that you use a unique email address for every employee.

  • Phone number: Please enter a phone number with country code (without 00 or +) and without spaces, for example, 491234567891.

  • Street name: The street name of the employee’s home address. If you want to order tech and send it directly to your employee, you can choose this address during checkout. Note: If you provide any address detail, all the other address details of the same row become mandatory.

  • Street number

  • Additional address information: Everything that helps the carrier to deliver the package, for example, c/o, apartment no., suite, building, floor, etc.

  • State abbreviation: This field is only relevant for US addresses. Please provide the alphabetic abbreviation of the US state (ALPHA- 2 code).

  • City

  • ZIP/Post code

  • Country ISO code: The alphabetic abbreviation of the employee’s country (ALPHA-2 code), for example, DE (Germany), AT (Austria), NL (Netherlands), ES (Spain), or US (United States).

Each field can have a maximum of 50 characters.

2. Upload data

After saving the filled out file as a CSV you can upload it. If your file contains the email address of an already existing employee, the data of that person will be updated. If you don’t want to update the data, please uncheck the box.

These errors can stop the upload:

  • The file you’ve uploaded isn’t an UTF8 encoded CSV file

  • Mandatory data like name or email address is missing

  • The file has more than 500 rows. If you want to import the data of more than 500 employees, please split the file and repeat the import one after the other.

  • The file is empty or you’ve uploaded the unfilled template.

3. Check the summary

After uploading the CSV you’ll get a brief summary of how many:

  • new employee profiles have been created

  • existing employee profiles have been updated (if you chose to update them)

  • errors occurred

The employee profiles in which an error occurred couldn’t be created or updated.

To correct the data you can:

  1. Download the error report. It contains only the rows in which the error occurred.

  2. Check the errors. What went wrong is specified at the beginning of each row.

  3. Edit the data and upload the CSV file again.

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