CSV stands for comma-separated values and is used for managing tabular data. Instead of having columns, the values in every row are separated by commas.

You can export CSVs from several programs. To upload a CSV to the dashboard it has to be UTF8 encoded.

Export CSV from Microsoft Excel

  1. Open the file

  2. Click on File > Save as in the main navigation

  3. Select the file format CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (.csv)

  4. Click on Save

Export CSV from Apple Numbers

  1. Open the file

  2. Click on File > Export to > CSV…

  3. Select Unicode (UTF-8) in the drop-down next to Text Encoding

  4. Click Next and Save

Export CSV from Google Sheets

  1. Open the file

  2. Click on File > Download > Comma Separated Values (.csv)

  3. The CSV will be downloaded to your computer

You can also use a text editor. Every record is organized in 1 row. Please separate the values in each row by commas (without spaces before or after the comma).

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