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What is Grover Business Premium?
What is Grover Business Premium?
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With Grover Business Premium you get an all-in-one tool for all tech-related processes in your company. A glimpse of the available features:

Assign assets to employees

  • Assign, unassign, and reassign assets flexibly

  • Keep track of who uses which tech

  • Find unassigned tech for new joiners immediately

Create and manage employee profiles

  • Create employee profiles manually or import data from a CSV file

  • Add home addresses to deliver assets directly to remote workers

  • Choose between office and home address during checkout

Track orders

  • Keep track of your order status

  • Ensure a smooth delivery

Manage payments

  • Keep track of due and overdue invoices

  • Check and download all recent and past invoices

Create and order tech kits

  • Create custom tech kits for your teams

  • Order and reorder kits with a few clicks

Filter and analyze

  • Filter for employees, unassigned assets, product categories, due payments, open orders, etc.

  • Customize tables on the Assets, Employees, and Orders pages and choose which columns should be displayed.

Find all important details on the overview screen

  • How many assets you’re renting

  • How much you’re spending on tech

  • Which assets can be returned and upgraded

  • Which payments are due or scheduled

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