Go to Assets to find a list of all the products your company is renting or has rented before.

The table shows the details of all assets:

  • Asset name

  • Serial number

  • To which employee the asset is assigned

  • Order number

  • Order status

  • Price per month

  • Subscription start date

  • Date when the asset can be returned or upgraded

  • Length of the minimum rental period you’ve chosen for the asset

  • Product category

  • Brand

By selecting Edit view you can customize your table and choose which columns should be displayed.

You can also filter for details like “Asset name”, “Assigned to”, or “Category”.

Click on any asset name in the table to get more information or to assign or reassign the asset to an employee.

How can I assign an asset to an employee?

How can I unassign an asset from an employee?

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