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How do I prepare an asset for return?
How do I prepare an asset for return?
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Return the asset with its accessories and original packaging. You should also disconnect your user accounts and unlock the asset.

We want to make sure the asset can continue its journey to the next renter in the best possible condition.

If there’s an accessory missing or the asset is still locked, there may be additional fees.

1. Disconnect your accounts and unpair your devices

First, sign out and remove all your user accounts. These accounts could be linked to:

  • Google

  • Apple ID

  • Spotify

  • Game console accounts

  • iTunes, iMessage, iCloud

Also unpair any devices linked to the asset, such as Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and smartwatches.

2. Factory-reset the asset

Before factory-resetting the asset, back up or transfer any data you need. Also, remember to remove any SIM or SD cards.

If the asset is connected to a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, uninstall this as well. MDM is a system your company may use to control the device remotely and limit access to certain apps. If you need help uninstalling MDM, reach out to the IT support of your company.

3. Pack the asset

Pack the asset and its accessories back into the asset’s original packaging.

Examples of accessories include:

  • Cables

  • Chargers

  • Camera cases

  • Headphones

  • Stylus

  • Manuals

Next, put all the components inside the previously provided Grover shipping box.

Please only return 1 asset (and its accessories) per shipping box. If you’re returning more than 1 asset, make sure the serial number of the asset matches the serial number on the return label.

4. Print the label and return the asset

Download the return label, print it out, and stick it on the shipping box. Then take the box to a drop-off point that accepts the shipping provider shown on the label.

As soon as the shipping provider has scanned your return label, your monthly payments will be paused. Your rental and payments will be stopped when the asset has been returned and we’ve checked that everything works.

To avoid paying for another month, drop off the package at least 1 day before the next payment is due.

If you don’t return the asset within 14 days, the return process will be canceled and your subscription will continue.

You can cancel the return anytime on the Asset detail page.

Device-specific guidelines

iPhone & iPads


Apple Watch

Android Smartphones and Tablets

Microsoft Computers

VR Glasses

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