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I have issues paying with Paypal. What can I do?
I have issues paying with Paypal. What can I do?
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These are the most common reasons for failed Paypal payments and how to resolve the failures:

Issues with a new Paypal account

If you recently created your Paypal account, you’ll need to verify your account with Paypal before being allowed to make payments.

Please log in to your Paypal account and follow the instructions. For more information, check How do I verify my Paypal account?

Expired Debit/Credit Card

Please make sure that the card you linked to your Paypal account hasn’t expired. Log into your Paypal account and check the details of your linked bank account or credit card. For more information, check How do I change the expiration date of my card on Paypal?

My billing agreement with Paypal was canceled

When you pay for your rental using Paypal, you enter into a billing agreement with us. This process is handled via Paypal, and allows us to collect the monthly payment automatically.

Sometimes it can happen that the billing agreement is canceled, which means there’ll be no further payments to Grover. Paypal will inform you via email if this happens.

Here’s how to reset the billing agreement:

  1. Review your Paypal account to learn if your Grover payment has become inactive. If the payment is inactive, the billing agreement is canceled.

  2. Open the Grover website or app > Account > Payments > Manage payment methods.

  3. Click on the Paypal payment method(s).

  4. Click on Delete this payment method and Delete.
    Important: You’ll need to delete all Paypal payment methods from this list.

  5. Add a new payment method. If you want, you can reconnect your Paypal account or select a credit or debit card.

I received a notice from Paypal that my credit/debit card payment for Grover failed. How do I update my card info?

Log into Paypal and update your card. Grover doesn’t have access to your Paypal account and doesn’t know your linked accounts or cards.

Remember that you can always change your payment method and pay your rental directly with credit or debit card if Paypal doesn’t work.

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