There are a few reasons your payment method can be rejected during checkout. These are the most common reasons and possible solutions:

Invalid payment method: Make sure you’re using a payment method we currently accept. Card payments may fail because the CVV is incorrect or the card is expired. Please check if the card details are valid and correct.

Issue with user authentication (3D secure): When you make an online payment, you might be redirected to your bank’s website to verify your payment. This is an additional security step to protect your account. If you’re having trouble with the verification, there might be a connection issue with your bank. Contact your bank to learn more.

Refused transaction: Your bank may automatically decline the transaction. In this case, contact your bank to find out how to solve the issue.

Error using PayPal: Make sure you have a valid card or bank account linked to PayPal. If your PayPal account was recently created, contact PayPal to learn more.

If you still have issues with your payment, contact our support team.

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