Can I exchange an asset?
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Yes. If an asset doesn’t meet your needs, you can replace it within 14 days. Make sure that:

  • The price for the new asset is at least the same as for the old asset.

  • Select the same minimum rental period as for the old asset.

How the exchange works:

  1. Tell our Business Support which asset you want to replace.

  2. Order a new asset for at least the same price and the same minimum rental period within 14 days.

  3. Return the old asset as soon as your new asset arrives. We’ll send you a free return label.

  4. We’ll end your old rental contract as soon as we receive your return.

  5. If you have paid rent for both assets in the meantime, we’ll refund you the payment for the old asset.

You may receive an automated email stating that you returned your asset too early. You can ignore this email.

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